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pdo hair restoration

Revitalise Your Hair with PDO Threads

Embark on a transformative journey with PDO hair restoration at HairRevive! Experience the wonders of PDO threads, delivering remarkable before-and-after results for your hair. This innovative cosmetic procedure acts as a rejuvenating boost for your hair and bringing about a visiblе makеovеr. Through the strategic placеmеnt of PDO thrеads in your scalp and it facilitatеs musclе relaxation and improvеs blood circulation and еnhancеs thе dеlivеry of essential nutrients to your hair and rеsulting in stronger and morе bеautiful locks. Dive into the world of PDO hair treatment and witness the amazing changes after each session!
pdo hair restoration

PDO Threads Near Me for Hair Growth

At NuGrow™ hair restoration Dr. J offers PDO hair restoration  two application methods: a topical cream and injections.

The cream, often referred to as “Hair PDO,” serves as a nourishing conditioner, providing the appearance of thicker hair temporarily. While its effects are not permanent, it offers a noticeable boost for a limited duration.

On the other hand, the injectable form involves the application of authentic PDO threads directly into the scalp, akin to facial Botox procedures. This method focuses on promoting sustained hair growth rather than providing a temporary solution. If you’re in search of PDO thread lift near me in Orlando, look for nearby providers to explore this rejuvenating option.

pdo hair restoration
pdo hair restoration

How does PDO Hair Restoration Aid in Hair Loss?

The process is straightforward: PDO threads are skillfully injected into specific areas on the scalp, inducing muscle relaxation and improving blood flow. This enhanced circulation delivers more oxygen to the hair follicles, encouraging the regrowth of hair. A 2017 study revealed that 80% of participants reported “good to excellent” results, with supporting pictures taken 2 weeks later showcasing positive outcomes.

Benefits of PDO Hair Restoration

Experience the benefits of PDO hair restoration, acting as a super nourishing and hydrating treatment for your hair. Enjoy smoother, shinier, and fuller hair as the collagen and keratin in PDO threads repair damaged strands, creating a smooth and glossy appearance.

Key advantages include:

  1. Strengthened Hair: PDO threads contribute to stronger hair, reducing the likelihood of breakage.
  2. Healthy Scalp: Improved blood flow nourishes hair roots, promoting a healthier scalp.
  3. Concealed Thinning Hair: PDO threads coat and thicken hair, concealing the appearance of thinning.
  4. Natural Look: When administered correctly, PDO threads provide a refreshed and natural appearance.
  5. Boosted Hair Growth: Designed to stimulate hair growth, PDO injections offer an option for regrowth in specific areas.
  6. Frizz Control: Temporarily control frizz and achieve smoother hair, reducing the need for excessive heat tools.
  7. Shield Against Damage: PDO hair restoration acts as a shield against heat tools and weather, contributing to lasting results for up to six months.


For those seeking PDO thread lift near me, Dr. J MD at HairRevive specializes in PDO hair restoration, promoting faster hair growth through two to three sessions annually. Dr. J MD recommends incorporating well-known products like Nutrafol, Minoxidil, and Propecia for optimal results. PDO hair restoration not only prevents further hair loss but also encourages the emergence of new, healthy hair.

No, it is not permanent. To maintain results, 2-3 sessions a year are recommended, offering a less painful and more affordable alternative to hair transplants.
Most people typically receive around 150 units, with 5 units in 30 spots on their scalp, focusing on areas experiencing hair loss.
Individuals dealing with male or female pattern baldness are suitable candidates. During your initial visit, the doctor will assess your suitability for the procedure.

Not really! The procedure involves a tiny needle, and numbing gel is usually unnecessary.

Yes! Other brands work just as effectively for promoting hair regrowth.
Absolutely! Combining it with microneedling and exosome therapy on the same day is a viable option. Your provider may also recommend minoxidil.

No, Power PRP injects plasma into the scalp, while PDO threads relax muscles and promote blood flow. Although they can be used together, our office prefers exosome therapy for superior results.

Studies indicate that PDO hair restoration is safe, with no reported side effects. However, choosing an experienced provider is crucial for any aesthetic procedure.

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