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How Dr. J provides the latest Hair Loss Treatments in Orlando?

Irrespective of gender, it is the right of every man and woman to look beautiful.  Dr. J decided to fulfil this dream of every individual by providing amazing services through the NuGrow™ Hair platform in Orlando.

Educational Background of Dr. J :

Dr. J completed his high school in Florida and received his surgical internship degree from the University of Alabama. After that, he started his medical training at a well-known hospital named Phoenix’s Good Samaritan Hospital. He also worked with many different media platforms during his youth. For the past two decades, Dr. J has been devoting his services to his clients at NuGrow™ Clinic of Anti-ageing, Aesthetics, and cosmetic centre with the assurance that every client leaves the clinic satisfactorily.

The mission of NuGrow™:

The basic objective of Dr. J is to facilitate his patients by providing reliable, cost-effective as well as latest cosmetic solutions so that they can look as they want. Through laser and general dermatological treatments, he targets not only the hair, face, and body of the patient but also ensures to improve hormonal imbalance and sexual wellness of both males and females.

List of Services that NuGrow™ hair provides:

At NuGrow™ clinic in Orlando, Dr. J offers a number of services including both non-invasive and surgical so that patients can decide what treatment is suitable to their cosmetic goals keeping in consideration of overall recovery time and budget.  Here is the list of services that you can avail from NuGrow™ Hair Restoration Clinic:

1. Power PRP hair loss treatment.

Power PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) is a 100% medically proven treatment that is offered by Dr. J in the NuGrow™ hair restoration clinic. With the help of this non-invasive treatment, patients can achieve their desired results after just three simple steps.

2. Stem Cell non-surgical hair restoration:

Stem cell hair restoration treatment is offered by NuGrow™ clinic under the supervision of professional hair loss treatment doctors in Orlando. After this painless treatment, hair loss is fully controlled and speeds up new growth of the hairs.

3. LLLT(Low Level Laser Therapy):

With the help of Low-Level Laser therapy, professionals at NuGrow™ hair provide effective solutions for hair loss problems.In this therapy, the infrared light ray is targeted on the scalp which activates the dead cells. This non-invasive treatment is very effective for both men and women and helps out in growing the hairs naturally.

4. PRF hair loss treatment

Hair loss treatment doctors in Orlando use their expertise and achieve plasma-rich fibrin through medically approved equipment. It is then re-injected on the part of the scalp where needed. Through this non-invasive treatment, patients get their desired outcomes in virtually no time.


All of the above-described services at NuGrow™ help effectively to solve your hair fall problems and regain your confidence level. Both men and women can make the most of these services by professional hair loss treatment specialists in Orlando. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone to call us on (407) 228-2551 and book your free consultation now.

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