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What makes Power PRP a Revolutionary Treatment in Orlando?

Power PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma can be used for several treatments in order to maintain the health and beauty of our patients. At NuGrow™ Hair in Orlando, we offer Power PRP treatments using the latest technologies so that both men and women can achieve the youthful vibrancy they desire.  Before going through the description of how to use Power PRP to treat hair loss problems, it is important to take a closer look at what Power PRP is and how it works.

What is Power PRP therapy?

Platelet-rich Plasma – Power PRP Hair Loss Treatment is a revolutionary method to treat the disorder in your body by your own blood. Our professional doctors in NuGrow™ draw a small amount of blood, similar to a blood test, which then undergoes a centrifuge process, and it spins to remove everything except concentrated platelets. This processed blood is then re-injected into the patient’s body to get the desired result.

How long does the whole Power PRP treatment take?

Drawing blood from a patient, sending it to the centrifugal process, and then re-injected to the patient’s body sounded like the process may take several visits to your doctor. But to your surprise, at NuGrow™ the hair loss specialists guarantee to finish the whole process within half an hour.

What are the advantages of Power PRP treatment?

With the help of Power PRP treatment, we created a natural substance from your own blood that has healing properties and can cure your hair fall problems very effectively. At NuGrow™, we offer this innovative technology and want you to know about its advantages.

1. No risk at all:

As we draw your own blood to create the serum, there is no risk of any kind of adverse or allergic reaction in your body.

2. Accelerates the healing process:

The hair loss treatment doctors in Orlando inject the Power PRP directly into your scalp in order to supply the healing elements it needs to accelerate the process.

3. No pain at all:

The whole Power PRP process is painless, the only pain the patient will experience is the pain in drawing blood and that’s all.

4. Quick treatment:

After drawing your blood, medical professionals at NuGrow™ inject the healing cells directly into the scalp which takes a few minutes only. However, we want our patients to remain in the clinic a few minutes more for monitoring.

5. Minimal recovery time:

As compared to other medical treatments for hair loss, Power PRP offers minimal recovery time. Our hair loss treatment doctors in Orlando also give pain relief guidelines after your therapy session in order to minimize any kind of discomfort.


At NuGrow™, our professional hair loss treatment doctors in Orlando will have you in and on your way in virtually no time, with the insurance that patients get the satisfying results. If you are curious about how Power PRP injections treat hair loss problems, feel free to contact NuGrow™ in Orlando to find out what we can offer for you. You can also book your free consultation in NuGrow™ by calling us on (407)228-2551 or mail us at info@NuGrow™

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