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What are hair loss? Causes, and treatment for Men and Women


Hair loss (alopecia) can affect your scalp or whole body, which may be temporary or permanent. It may be the consequence of heredity, hormonal changes, ailments, or an ordinary piece of maturing. Anybody can lose hair on their head. However, it is more typical in men.

Hairlessness typically refers to extreme hair loss from your scalp. Certain people like to let their hair loss run its course untreated and unhidden. Others might cover it with hairstyles, cosmetics, caps, or scarves. Yet others pick one of the treatments available to prevent further hair loss. Genetic hair loss with age is the most well-known reason for hair loss.

Hair Loss in Men:

Hair Loss in men is very common. Almost 50% of men’s world population is facing the issue of hair loss; over the age of 40+ men are facing the problem of hair loss severely. But now, young guys are also facing the issue of hair loss. Hair loss affects the man’s emotion barely.

Main causes of Hair Loss in Men:

  • Hair Loss can be temporary, which can be a sign of a medical issue, like anemia and thyroid problems.
  • A Diet Low in iron and protein can also cause your hair to thin.
  • If you receive radiation treatment to your head or neck, you may lose all (or most of) your hair within a few weeks of starting treatment.
  • If you color or relax your hair, you could be damaging your hair. Later, this
    harm can prompt hair loss.

Hair Loss In Women:

Many individuals believe that hair loss just affects men. However, about one-third of women face the problem of hair loss. Hair loss in women has a more significant impact than hair loss on men because it’s less socially acceptable. Hair loss severely affects women’s emotions and quality of life.

Main causes of Hair Loss in Women:

The main causes of hair loss in women are below;

  • Your hairstyle can cause hair loss when your hair is arranged in ways that pull on your roots, like tight ponytails, braids, or cornrows. This type of hair  loss is called footing alopecia. If hair follicles are harmed, this can be caused permanent hair loss.
  • Vitamin deficiency.
  • Dieting
  • Restrictive diets.

Treatment of Hair Loss of Men and Women

If you are facing the problem of hair loss, you don’t need to worry. Now Hair Restoration has the solutions to your problems. NuGrow™™ Hair is Orlando based clinic that finds solutions to the problem of hair loss. The company offer many types of treatment for hair loss like

  • A Cell Hair Restoration
  • Exosomes Hair Restoration
  • Low-level Laser Therapy
  • Power PRP Hair Restoration
  • PRF Hair Restoration
  • Stem Cell Hair Restoration

NuGrow™ hair offers Power PRP hair restoration, which is a non-surgical hair treatment to overcome the issue of hair loss and growth. The procedure for this treatment is medically approved and non-surgical. NuGrow™ hair restoration also provides the best service with the highly equipped instrument.  The NuGrow™ hair restoration offers Platelet-rich plasma therapy. It is 100
percent medically approved and a standard treatment technique. The most significant thing in regards to this treatment method is that this treatment methodology is painless. That is why the NuGrow™ hair restoration refers to the patients for desired results.  NuGrow™ hair restoration is always there to provide the best services to men and women facing hair loss issues. If you go for a Power PRP hair restoration treatment Procedure, yours has benefits.

  • Power PRP therapy strengthen your hairs
  • No pain Treatment
  • Speedy recovery of lost hair
  • 100% medically approve non-surgical treatment

NuGrow™ hair restoration is one of the most famous hair restoration organizations in the United States. We have a team of professional consultants who can guide you about your hair loss problem. With the guidance of highly skilled and professional consultants of NuGrow™ hair restoration, you will definitely get the desired results whether you are dealing with hair loss or hair growth. Then where are you looking for? Book your free consult today! By clicking on our website

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